Niklas Liepe & NDR Radiophilharmonie

#Goldberg Reflections (2020)

Produced by SONY Classical, the CD features the piece Schlaflos for solo violin and string orchestra, performed by Niklas Liepe and the NDR Radiophilharmonie, conducted by Jamie Phillips.

"A violinistic bridge through time for Bach's Goldberg Variations"

"For his second studio album, #GoldbergReflections (Sony), the German violinist Niklas Liepe takes on Bach's Goldberg Variations in a version for violin and orchestra – and explores the continued resonance of this epochal masterpiece in our era with specially commissioned works by 11 contemporary composers."


"Tobias Rokhar's “Sleepless” and Dominik Johannes Dieterle's piece with

the equivalent German title of “Schlaflos” both refer back to the possibly spurious story of how the work originated, according to which Count Keyserling asked Bach to write pieces for his court harpsichordist Johann Gottlieb Goldberg to play to cheer him up during sleepless nights." (Schimmer PR)

Dominik Johannes Dieterle