A few weeks ago the fabulous Niklas Liepe released his second big project #GoldbergReflections on SONY Classical. The CD is a combination of historical arrangements combined with new variations/reflections on the bach-original. In the first month after the release it even made it to the charts for classical music in Germany (#KlassikCharts).

This track was originally created for the project "MENSCH & MASCHINE" , which had its permiere on 10 October 2020, featuring Neuer Kammerchor Berlin (conducted by Adrian Emans) and myself on live-electronics. In these concerts we combined choral singing & electronic music to discover, how human and digital sound production are interacting and what kind of aesthetic questions this very complex relationship generates.

The strangest thing writing down these thoughts you are about to read, seems to be the fact, that nearly every aspect in the process of creating the musical adventure that is The Midnight Giant, now seems to be like coming from another epoch,… or rather: another dimension in time & space. But, I shall start from the beginning. In early February I just had finished my studies at the conservatory in Mannheim, Germany and was in a time of transition between student- and working-life, as I...

A short recap of my time at the BANFF centre for arts & creativity in Canada and a new recording of the music I created during my residency there.

New live-recording of the piece "Wiegenlied einer unglücklichen Mutter" (Brahms/Dieterle) by Junger Kammerchor Rhein-Neckar (Mathias Rickert).

New live-recording of the piece "Nevermind" by Junger Kammerchor Rhein-Neckar (Mathias Rickert).

Release of the new CD "Bunterkunt" recorded by the faboulous Duo Pianoworte in collaboration with Mädchenchor Hannover (conducted by Andreas Felber) and Edition Kaleidos.

Informations on the Songs of Darkness project for choir and live-electronics (including a trailer) and the Crowdfunding for it.

After performing the 30-minute-lenght installation [ˈʃprɛçn] for choir a cappella I decided to compose a much shorter version based on the same materials to be used in regular concert performances. The resulting piece is a rather easy but effective improvisation, which can be learned in just a few rehearsals.

The past few weeks I have been busy working on a rather special project together with Arno Krokenberger from the Nationaltheater in Mannheim. Together we created a choral installation for an unusual performance space. The installation will be performed on March 30 (15.00 and 16.30) in the tower of the Alte Feuerwache in Mannheim, where the singers will be spread out through all the floors, resulting in a spatial experience where the listeners will have a hard time telling where all the sounds...

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