Some explanation...


This track was originally created for the project "MENSCH & MASCHINE" , which had its permiere on 10 October 2020, featuring Neuer Kammerchor Berlin (conducted by Adrian Emans) and myself on live-electronics. In these concerts we combined choral singing & electronic music to discover, how human and digital sound production are interacting and what kind of aesthetic questions this very complex relationship generates.


The title of the concert ("MENSCH & MASCHINE/"HUMAN & MACHINE") made all the more sense, since the choir was rehearsing (as all the others were doing) exclusively via digital meeting-platforms in the last months (the "machine" so to say), during which they created a lot of awesome digital content. So we decided to use this video-material in our concert, to make proper artistic use of the ventilation-break and stage a situation, where both the choir and me had to listen to ourselves perform (to listen to/obey the machine if you will...), which really was a strange situation to be in during a concert/on stage.


So first the choir was watching the projected video-material of themselves, which they created in the last months and then the piece "sleep_LESS/machine" was played, where I worked with a recording of Neuer Kammerchor Berlin singing Eric Whitacre's "Sleep", which (in turn) created a seamless transition from digital to analog singing again.


If you like the track you might also head over to Bandcamp and download it there:

If you want to listen to the digital material Neuer Kammerchor Berlin has created, just visit their Youtube-Channel.

Dominik Johannes Dieterle