In the Shadow of a Giant // Blog-post for ProCoro Canada

The strangest thing writing down these thoughts you are about to read, seems to be the fact, that nearly every aspect in the process of creating the musical adventure that is The Midnight Giant, now seems to be like coming from another epoch,… or rather: another dimension in time & space.


But, I shall start from the beginning.


In early February I just had finished my studies at the conservatory in Mannheim, Germany and was in a time of transition between student- and working-life, as I recently got a part-time position for teaching music-theory and arrangement at a university of education. In between there opened up a perfect month-long time-window that made it possible for me to attend a course at the Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity in Banff, Canada, which was one of the most incredible opportunities as a young composer I had so far...


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Dominik Johannes Dieterle