New Live-Recording of "Wiegenlied einer unglücklichen Mutter" (Brahms/Dieterle)

Here comes another recording from the "Songs of Darkness"-project which I realised together with Junger Kammerchor Rhein-Neckar and Mathias Rickert. Together we worked on a through-composed choral concert which had its premiere in november 2019. The concert itself is focused on electronic-music combined with classical choral music (Gesualdo, Elgar, Poulenc, ...) and newly composed pieces by Jan Wilke, Pascal Martiné and myself, in which all the elements are linked through various electronic and choral interludes.


The piece "Wiegenlied einer unglücklichen Mutter" is based on Johannes Brahms' Intermezzo op. 117 no. 1 originally written for piano and explores the possibilities of working with a preexisting piece of music on a poetical basis. The text is taken from a poem by Johann Gottfried Herder to which Brahms had already linked his composition by printing the first stanza of the poem above the piece. The poem itself deals with the urge of trying to live in the present in spite of constantly being reminded of a distressing past.


In the future I plan to write some more explanations on the whole project and add further recordings which all will be published on this website.

Dominik Johannes Dieterle