New CD-release

Duo Pianoworte just released their new CD "Bunterkunt" with freshly composed music set to texts by the famous author Paul Maar. The CD features compositions for piano & narrator, choral pieces for children's choir & piano as well as music for choir a cappella.


I had the privilege to compose a set of four little pieces, each of them focusing on an animal doing sports in a rather unusual and silly way (the hammerhead-shark is doing hammer throwing - of course! What else should he be doing?) Those pieces are set for choir (SMA) a cappella and were recorded by the immensely talented young singers of Mädchenchor Hannover under the direction of Andreas Felber. And they really did an outstandig job bringing those rather challenging pieces to life!


If you want to want to take a look at the score you may find it here.


The CD is primarily intended for children, but after listening to it multiple times I also highly reccomend it to everyone else - not just because of the music but also because of the rather strange and absurd way Maar writes and structures his stories (I grew up reading his books for hours but never realised what odd comical effect some of his stories convey).


If you want to listen to some excerpts of my pieces you may just click the youtube-video below, for all the other music by my great colleagues Andreas N. Tarkmann, Stefan Esser and Gerhard Gemke you should visit the homepage of Edition Kaleidos.

Dominik Johannes Dieterle