Songs of Darkness Crowdfunding

After working on the Songs of Darkness project for over 2 years it is finally the time to share some of the music and concept of this new work for choir and live-electronics. Together with Mathias Rickert and Junger Kammerchor Rhein-Neckar we developed a 70min long concert performance which includes live-electronics, classical choral music and newly composed pieces by Jan Wilke, Pascal Martiné and myself.


The specific challenge we faced was the fact, that we tried to create a through-composed musical work consisting of typical-length choral pieces (average: between 3-5 minutes) which are woven together via composed choral and electronic interludes. A little glimpse of what that may sound like can be found below in our concert-trailer.


Because such long-term projects take a lot of time and - of course - money, we also decided to start a Crowdfunding-Page (Songs of Darkness) to cover all the expenses in the making. If you like the project and want to contribute, feel free to share the link and all the linked informations.

Dominik Johannes Dieterle