[ˈʃprɛçn]. An Installation for Choir a cappella (2019)

The past few weeks I have been busy working on a rather special project together with Arno Krokenberger from the Nationaltheater in Mannheim. Together we created a choral installation for an unusual performance space.


The installation will be performed on March 30 (15.00 and 16.30) in the tower of the Alte Feuerwache in Mannheim, where the singers will be spread out through all the floors, resulting in a spatial experience where the listeners will have a hard time telling where all the sounds are coming from and (more importantly) how they are produced. The special problem this project caused us lies in the fact, that the singers will not be able to see each other (nor the conducter), so everything has to be done by aware listening to all the people involved. Therefore Arno and me decided to work with improvisational structures, which unfold over a long period of time.


You may take a quick listen to one of those improvised sections here (recording from the second rehearsal):

In contrast those larger sections are being separated by a recurring marker-section, which always remains the same and articulates the large-form. This section is also far more structured in a horizontal and vertical sense. In this marker-section we worked with all the sounding elements of the human voice: vowels, voiced and unvoiced consonants and breath.


The score for the marker-section may be found here (click to enlarge):

Marker-Section of the Choral-Installation [ˈʃprɛçn̩]
Marker-Section of the Choral-Installation [ˈʃprɛçn̩]

All in all the rehearsals went great so far and I am eager to work more on spatial and improvisational concepts for choral-ensembles/singers in the near future.

Dominik Johannes Dieterle